Furnace Repair

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25 Point Gas Furnace Inspection Includes:

  1. Clean and/or check the gas burners
  2. Check and/or clean the pilot tube
  3. Check the igniter for proper resistance and function
  4. Clean the flame sensor
  5. Check the blower motor amps and speed
  6. Evaluate the temperature rise
  7. Inspect the heat exchangers
  8. Check for proper combustion
  9. Clean out and inspect the pressure switch tubing
  10. Evaluate the pressure switch operations
  11. Make sure that the flue gasses are venting properly
  12. Test all of the limits and roll out switches
  13. Inspect the gas pipe plumbing
  14. Set manifold gas pressures
  15. Check the gas input rate
  16. Light the pilot and check the thermocouple
  17. Inspect all of the wirings
  18. Set the heat anticipator on the thermostat
  19. Check the pilot safety thermocouple (electronic ignition)
  20. Make sure that there are no code violations
  21. Check the safety interlock switch
  22. Test the combustion fan motor and check amps
  23. Make sure that there is proper combustion air
  24. Inspect the duct system
  25. Perform a carbon monoxide test

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