How to Choose the Best AC Repair Pflugerville Services?

How to Choose the Best AC Repair Pflugerville Services?

Finding the right maintenance and AC Repair Pflugerville Services can be tricky. However, while choosing an AC service in Austin or Pflugerville, ensure it performs the following things:

1. Cleaning the Air Intake Filter and Condenser Fins

During extended use, an air conditioner’s intake/filter collects enormous amounts of pollutants and dust. Moreover, all the mileage wears out pulleys and belts. The air conditioner should not be used in this condition. 

At Grand Air Solutions, we disinfect air filters during our AC repair Pflugerville services. We rinse the condenser fins to remove mold and dirt. As well as examining the belts and pulleys for wear and tear, we also check for nicks and looseness.

2. Air Conditioning Condenser And Evaporator Coil AC Repair Pflugerville Service

A system’s main enemy is dirt particles. It is common for AC coils and lines to become blocked by moisture and debris, which can reduce the efficiency of AC units and lead to overheating and breakdown. Similar to the indoor units, the outdoor units can also get grubby if the outdoors are dusty or if trees are nearby. Dirt build-up on its fins can easily be seen on the condenser coil.

We vacuum the coils of the condenser and evaporator of the AC during our ac repair Austin service. Aside from inspecting for cracked condensate pipes, our AC service professionals will also repair or restore damaged condensate drain lines.

3. Cleaning and Restoring the Shape of AC Fins

An AC’s condenser and evaporator coils have aluminum fins that bend and become dust-coated. It reduces the efficiency of HVAC systems by slowing down airflow. When the air-conditioning unit’s fins are cleaned and the blower unit is optimized, you will enjoy maximum airflow and cooling. By doing so, the electricity consumption is reduced, and the unit performs optimally.

We will vacuum the AC evaporator and condenser fan blades during the ac repair Austin service. Additionally, we will use specially designed “fin combs” to straighten any bent fins.

4. Cleaning Drain Lines and Fixing Leaks

Excess moisture in the air from clogged drains prevents an AC from regulating the humidity, causing leaks and wall discoloration.

During our ac repair Pflugerville service, we will inspect to see if water is pooling or dripping in any part of the unit. Our team will also look for leaks inside the AC unit’s pipes and tubes and will fix them.

5. AC Leak Detection & Coolant Level Check

Does your ac not cooling properly even though it is working? There is no need to worry. We can detect and fix problems with your air conditioner. It involves making sure refrigerant is loaded properly in the cooling tower and testing for proper service.

We will verify the coolant measure in the evaporator or conditioning coils during the AC tune-up and fix it.

Have Grand Air Solutions AC Repair Pflugerville Services Look at Your HVAC System

An inspection of all parts of your air conditioner can reveal minor problems that could cause a breakdown. You can call air conditioning service Pflugerville without giving it a second thought. And when it comes to AC-related problems in Austin or Pflugerville, Grand Air Solutions are the only name you can rely on! Contact us today to schedule a meeting.