Why Is My AC Not Cooling My Room Like It’s Supposed To?

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Why Is My AC Not Cooling My Room Like It’s Supposed To?

Why Is My AC Not Cooling?

After working the entire day in that scorching heat, all you want to do is go home and relax in your air-conditioned house.

But when you finally reach there, your worst nightmare comes true.

Your AC is on, but it isn’t cooling your house!!

How terrible must that be!

But before you freak out, let us help you a bit.

If you are from Texas, you know how hard it is to get AC repaired in Hutto or an AC replacement in Pflugerville. So before calling a professional, look at the below-mentioned things yourself to see what is wrong with your AC.

Why Is My AC Not Cooling My Room Like It’s Supposed To?

1. Check Your Thermostat Setting:

  • Have you checked your thermostat?
    • Because the chances are that your thermostat is set to “ON,” this causes your fan/blower to continuously run even if the system isn’t cooling the air, and it will blow warm air.
  • How do I fix it?
    • Simple! Just switch your thermostats to “Auto” this will ensure that the AC is blowing out air when it is cold.

2. Your Outdoor Unit Is Probably Dirty:

The condenser in your AC absorbs all the heat/ warm air from indoors and transfers it outside; this can cause the condenser to become dirty and covered in debris, restricting the warm air from getting out.

  • How do I fix it?
    • All you have to do is remove the blockage by cleaning the debris from the condenser fin using a garden hose, but make sure you aren’t using strong steam because it can damage the fragile condenser fin.

3. Is Your Air Filter Dirty?

Suppose your AC isn’t blowing out cold air. In that case, it could be because the air filter is dirty, limiting the amount of air passing through the evaporator coil, which results in less air being conditioned. When this happens, your rooms will be much warmer than the rest of your home because the dirty air filter has slowed down the airflow to the vents.

  • How do I fix it?
    • Check your filter every two weeks at first to see if it is dirty. Typically you should be suitable for a month. If you have animals and the filters are close to the floor, you have to change those filters out more frequently. Every house is different, just as everyone’s lifestyle is different. Some people can go three months without changing the filter. Some go a month or do every month just to be safe regardless of what the filter says.

AC problems you’ll need a professional for:

If the problem persists even after fixing the above issues, it’s time for you to calla professional. Call Grande air Solutions to get your Air conditioning problems Fixed. We have jotted down some of the AC problems that would require a professional to fix:

Why Is My AC Not Cooling My Room Like It’s Supposed To?
  1. Faulty Compressor:  A compressor located in your ACs outdoor unit is its core, which circulates the refrigerant. But due to a fault in your compressor, it might not pump your refrigerant like it is supposed to, which is why your AC won’t cool your home as it should.
    However, getting this problem fixed might cost you a lot of money, so you should call an AC repair near Hutto and have a professional look at it.
  2. Broken Condenser Fan Motor: A damaged condenser won’t cool your house or remove the warm air, so you might want to get that checked as well.
  3. Leaky/Damaged Air Ducts: Damaged or leaking ducts will end up costing you more money to cool and heat your home. A good amount of the air coming from the ac system will get wasted in your attic, where it should go into your home. Your ac will also pull dirty hot attic air into your house when there is duct leakage, which is not good to breathe and increases dust in your home.
    Air duct tears can be caused due to instructional mistakes, Rodents, or simply because it’s old. However, detecting a tear in the ducts isn’t possible without a professional from an air conditioning repair. If your AC is old, you can call an AC replacement company near Pflugerville, TX, as well.
  4. Refrigerant: A liquid/gas responsible for soaking up all the heat from your home can also be a cause of your problem. If your AC is low on this liquid, you might hear hissing, or you might notice some built-up ice in the outside unit or refrigerant line of your AC.
    If so, immediately turn off your AC and call an air conditioning repair near Hutto, TX. With a bit of hard work, you’ll have a cool house waiting for you at the end of each hot day.
    Happy relaxing!