Why you Need to Call HVAC Services Austin for Heat Pump Maintenance

Why you Need to Call HVAC Services Austin for Heat Pump Maintenance

With winter in full swing, if your heat pump is not working well ― you might consider calling HVAC Services Austin for winter maintenance.

The climate here in Austin makes heat pumps a great choice. When the temperature drops enough to require some warmth, a heat pump changes smoothly from the cooling mode to heating mode ― to provide you warmth. 

Winter is here, so it is time to switch over to heating mode on your heat pump. But how do you know if your heat pump needs maintenance and you need to call HVAC Services Austin? Read on to find out.

When is a good time to call HVAC Services Austin for Heat Pump Maintenance?

Heat pumps perform differently during the winter months than they do during the summer. However, if your heat pump runs into one of the following problems―you need to call HVAC Services Austin.

Common problems with Heat Pumps in Cold Weather

Iced over

During cold weather, heat pumps’ coils often become iced over. Usually, this occurs when the liquid refrigerant is freezing over the coils in the system. Consequently, it may cause some problems with your heat pump. And heat pumps cannot function. If it happens – then you should call a heat pump Austin, Texas service like Grande Air Solutions to take care of your heat pump. 

Draining problems

During the winter, if the heat pump freezes, draining problems occur, which can cause the system to shut down completely. In this case, the system will not work at all. When this happens, the liquid refrigerant ceases to flow through the coils of your heat pump. 

And leaving this untreated can result in an expensive repair bill for your heat pump. To avoid this, make sure you remove drainage plugs when not in use, use an electric heater or gas heater as a backup during the winter, and keep all vents unobstructed. Still, if your pump doesn’t work, contact a heating and cooling Austin, Texas, service to fix it.

Reversing valve not working

Reversing valves allow heat pumps to essentially change the direction of refrigerant so they can absorb heat from outdoor air and move it indoors in heating mode. In the winter, it may also happen if someone briefly switches the system into cooling mode and then attempts to move it back. Eventually, then this valve will need a replacement. In such a case, calling HVAC Services Austin is a good idea for heat pump valve replacement.

Electrical failure

Compressors and fan motors in heat pumps are powered by electricity. A heat pump’s electrical failure is, therefore, a very common cause of repair. There are times when a small capacitor needs to be replaced, or an electrical connection just needs to be tightened. In severe cases, the compressor and fan motor might be damaged.

In such a case, scheduling a repair service for your heat pump tune-up with Grande Air Solutions will help you a lot!

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